We're excited to announce that DataPad is joining Cloudera.

We started building DataPad in December 2012 as a natural extension of our work creating pandas and growing the Python data ecosystem. The goal was clear: create a next-generation, web-based visual analytics environment to enable business users to wrangle data across many sources and get rapid-fire answers to analytics questions. The "Google Docs for Analytics" that we've all been longing for. We raised money from top-tier investors, built a team, shipped a product, fixed a ton of bugs, and got customers.

While building the first version of DataPad we had to engineer our way around limitations in the status quo in server-side data technology to be able to deliver ultra-fast analytics to many users simultaneously, and at low operating cost. Despite our successes, we quickly realized that this was an important battle we should not wage alone.

The Cloudera team have been long-time supporters and friends of ours, going back to the early days of our Python open source work. In discussing the data systems challenges we've been tackling, there was a clear opportunity to join forces to have a greater impact. We will be helping Cloudera continue to lead the way in next-gen data management and analytics systems, making them as useful for end users as they are fast and scalable.

We are incredibly grateful for our investors, families, friends, and the Python data community for rooting for us on this journey, and we look forward to continuing to solve the world's pressing (big and small) data problems.